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YNC has qualification to provide clients with extensive corporate advisory and contractual works in three major areas of practice widely recognized by our clients; Banking & Finance, Capital Market & Commercial, Tax & Investment.

Capital Market, Securities, Debt, Note & Bond Issuance

Stocks and bonds are generally termed as the capital market securities. These are traded in separate markets. These capital market securities are used by a number of companies, corporations and governments to raise funds for various purposes, specifically for long terms.
There are the regulatory authorities in every country to supervise the capital market securities and their respective market supported by Registered Capital Market Legal Consultant.


Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance legal issues are mostly related to debt restructuring and dispute between bank and debtors. In debt restructuring many strategic negotiations should be made in purpose to come out with agreement that is in line with government law, business law and regulations.

Corporate & Project Financing

In Corporate & Project Financing, position of agreement is highly crucial. Many public and private companies in Indonesia have gain many advantages from third party financing. Our legal service is structured to conduct both legal research and business review up to detailing decision making structure, operational cost & expenses procedure and control that in many cases provide better security to both investors and users.


Merger & Acquisition

In most of M & A it will require arranger to provide balance and better communication. As an integrated corporate law consultant, we put ourselves as a very effective arranger with knowledge of regulation, applicable law, and strategic business communication to deliver our client’s objectives and successful merger or acquisition.

Corporate Restructuring

In most cases, the objectivity to come out with optimum restructuring performance should be supervised and brain-stormed with external experts without risking business high confidential information. Management restructuring method by our experts are both process and result oriented that make it easier to adopt and adjusted to new corporate structure.

Criminal & Commercial Litigation

Civil Law Cases (general commercial or arbitrary court proceeding covering debt matters, bankruptcy, arbitration disputes, land disputes, etc.); Criminal Law (corruption, frauds, embezzlement, representation during police inquiries); Labor Law (negotiation process, labor dispute resolutions, terminations); Administrative Law (dispute against State Administrative Officials).


Foreign & Domestic Investment

The needs of foreign & domestic investment and its extension to international trade are unavoidable. Unfortunately, many decision makers and business owners do not realize the shift of common practice and more sophisticated transaction cannot be done without proper legal & business advisory. We have seen many falls caused by lack of knowledge and hesitation to consult legal matters. No one as an external party is expert in detail of any business, but we know how to guard our client’s business keep on track and step to next stage securely.

Joint Venture, Ventura Capital & Licensing

Foreign investment has to deal with form of cooperation and licensing. Although as a common practice that domestic partner will conduct all of necessary procedure, we suggest that independent legal service conduct the monitoring and confirmation on behalf of the client.



Liquidation sometime is unavoidable when it comes to high capital liability and endless low performance. In many cases we have found, liquidated company and end of partnership are predictable since early that we can see from inappropriate agreement and mutual understanding between parties. Weak structure and unorganized capital management or no decision making structure and control system. Liquidation will require additional effort in legal aspect since it will cause many legal suit and endless loss compensation claim from all involved parties. We provide intensive strategic communication and structure liquidation strategy as the best exit for our clients.

Mining, Oil & Gas

Indonesia rich natural reserves are a magnet to domestic and foreign investment. Indonesian Mining, Oil & Gas regulation is continuously modified to provide better mutual relationship between government, investors, and operators. Without proper knowledge of current applied regulation and its potential changes and lack of exit strategy for all parties; it may end up with disaster.