About The Firm

Yuking & Co. attorneys at law established and fortify by professional corporate  lawyers, professional consultants and commercial litigators. We commit our team,  expertise and resources for the legal interest of our clients. Our team provides  extensive corporate advisory and contractual works throughout board and border  for the best settlement.

We are also determined to deliver effective commercial litigation works as  experienced by Yuking & Co. on many of our past settled proceedings. Yuking & Co.  force is enriching with lawyers with various backgrounds and team length of  professional dedication. Yuking & Co. has a team lawyer with over 30 years of  experience with proven track records in handling and solving multinational  companies’ cases in Indonesia.

Yuking & Co. strategically designed to be multi-disciplinary practice. Yuking &  Co. established considering legal science and expertise of current global business  environment. All lawyers and consultants at Yuking & Co. are encouraged to adopt  progressive approach of law practice and business consulting utilizing the latest  logical lawyer development and always focus on best interest of our Clients.

Yuking & Co. commits to offer a wide range of legal services at high professional  standard. We offer wide extension of professional legal services with prominent  orientation on business and investment as well as intelligible advice thereof. In  relation with the ferocious battle of business, we continuously develop our skills to  meet demand and requirement of professionalism of legal practice; therefore, we  are able to provide better services to support our client’s legal importance.

We welcome you as our new partner in mutual professional relationship and we  highly appreciate your trust.



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