IPO preparation is requiring a thorough examination, especially legal due diligence,  asset management & appraisal, debt restructuring, and management (performance) audit, and pricing strategy. We provide single window arrangement  to provide best package for our clients.

Corporate actions that are involving capital market will require best coordinator and facilitator to communicate the corporate purpose and all stake holders; corporate buyers, banks, government, and regulatory authorities. As a member of Capital Market Legal Consultant (HKHPM) in Indonesia, we have a strategic position to serve our clients to meet their optimum purpose through their corporate actions.

Banking & Finance legal issues are mostly related to debt restructuring and dispute between bank and debtors. We are focusing on corporate debtors. In debt restructuring many strategic negotiations should be made in purpose to come out with agreement that is in line with government law, business law and regulations. It will be significant step to our client to be advised when accepting or requesting any  loan with collateral and terms that are mostly favor the bank side. In the preparation of financing request, the business should be accord to good corporate governance practice that is essentially involves balancing the interests of a  company’s many stakeholders, such as shareholders, management, customers,  suppliers, financiers, government and the community.

We conduct corporate investigation for target investigation within Indonesian law territory. Most problems especially in international trade and investment where are  requiring suitable business partners in Indonesia that in most cases cannot be  determined by only white sheet or presentation provided by business partners.  Investigation purpose is to reduce unexpected negative factors in the future that  can be avoided early before the agreement between parties.

Our Client’s growing business and needs in certain time will require to adjust their  speed with regulation and business needs. We provide restructuring advisory to  uniquely designed management organization that is not only properly structured, but also filled in with people with the right capacity for the skills.

Debt is the most problem of trade and investment life that is become crucial to be  handled and managed professionally. Unfortunately, most of problems occurred due  to late interaction and advisory to avoid risk that cannot be managed by one or both  parties in the agreement. We step up to provide best solution to restructure any  unpaid debt, both by legal or amicable approach. But mostly, we recommend our  client to be advised before any debt agreement is signed.

As member of several business and professional organizations, we are well  connected to government and business people that is necessary for strategic  discussion especially refer to investment and strategic dispute settlement.

We have a good partnership to support project financing in regards of terms and  conditions that should be followed. Financing scheme and investment terms are  most critical points of success that should be discussed and negotiated between  parties. In some case, we also should alert our client if we find any factor that can be  a potential problem in the future such as political risk or uncertainty in regulation  implementation that can result a great loss.

Most of Meger & Acquisition will require third party consultant to provide balance and better  communication. As an integrated corporate law consultant, we are equipped with  knowledge of regulation, applicable law, and strategic business communication to  deliver our client’s objectives and successful Merger & Acquisition.

Indonesia natural resources are one of desired commodity that interest foreign  investors. Indonesian Mining, Oil & Gas law and regulation is continuously modified  depends on government strategy to increase income from this sector. However, the  strategic partnership involving natural resources is unavoidable and should be  mutually discussed and construct to overcome changing regulations.

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