Integrated Business Law Consultant


Capital Market

IPO preparation is requiring a thorough examination, especially legal due diligence,

Corporate Management Restructuring

Our Client's growing business and needs in certain time will require to adjust their  speed with regulation and business needs.

Government Relationship

We have a good partnership to support project financing in regards of terms and conditions that should be followed.

Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance legal issues are mostly related to debt restructuring and dispute between bank and debtors.

Debt Restructuring & Collection

Debt is the most problem of trade and investment life that is become crucial to be  handled and managed professionally.

Merger & Acquisition

Most of Merger & Acquisition will require third party consultant to provide balance and better communication.

Corporate Investigation

We conduct corporate investigation for target investigation within Indonesian law  territory.

Investment & Project Financing

As member of several business and professional organizations,

Mining, Oil & Gas

Indonesia natural resources are one of desired commodity that interest foreign investors.

About the Firm

Yuking & Co. attorneys at law established and fortify by professional corporate  lawyers, professional consultants and commercial litigators. We commit our team,  expertise and resources for the legal interest of our clients. Our team provides  extensive corporate advisory and contractual works throughout board and border  for the best settlement.

We are also determined to deliver effective commercial litigation works as  experienced by Yuking & Co. on many of our past settled proceedings. Yuking & Co.  force is enriching with lawyers with various backgrounds and team length of  professional dedication. Yuking & Co. has a team lawyer with over 30 years of  experience with proven track records in handling and solving multinational  companies’ cases in Indonesia.

Yuking & Co. strategically designed to be multi-disciplinary practice. Yuking &  Co. established considering legal science and expertise of current global business  environment. 


Yuking & Co. has strategic alliances with major corporations and consultants and committed to continuously building cooperation world wide to meet the demand of global consulting.

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